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Enterprise Integration

kiteworks provides secure, universal, and real-time access to files stored in enterprise content sources, without requiring a VPN.

Using kiteworks, enterprises and government agencies can provide employees and external parties a secure single point of access to content stored in Microsoft SharePoint, Windows File Shares (CIFS and DFS), Documentum, OpenText, and other enterprise content management systems (ECMs). kiteworks also offers connectivity to cloud content services, such as Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive for Work, Dropbox, and Box. All content accessed via kiteworks is encrypted and tracked, providing IT centralized audit and reporting capabilities to ensure enterprise security and compliance.

With kiteworks secure connectors to enterprise content, users can easily and securely access, edit, share, and manage files from laptops, desktops, tablets, or smartphones, without having to duplicate files in un-managed cloud content services. Enterprise users can also search, move, and combine content from multiple content sources with internal and external users, while maintaining the integrity of the “document of record.”

In addition to the off-the-shelf content connectors provided with the kiteworks solution, enterprise developers and system integrators can create custom connectors to other content sources using the kiteworks platform Enterprise Content APIs.

Características principales

  • Secure connections to enterprise content in ECMs, such as Microsoft SharePoint (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016), Microsoft SharePoint Online, Documentum, OpenText Content Server (Livelink), OpenText eDOCS, file shares, and home drives.
  • Secure connections to enterprise content in cloud content services, such as Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive for Work, Dropbox, and Box.
  • Secure easy sharing and file collaboration with external users of files stored in ECMs and cloud content services, while maintaining the “document of record” in the source system without content duplication.
  • Secure preview, search (Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and file shares), check-in/check-out (Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum, and OpenText), download, upload new versions, and create or edit Microsoft Office documents.
  • Secure mobile access to ECMs and cloud content services via native iOS and Android apps, or web browsers – without requiring a VPN.
  • Fully-containerized secure round trip (download-edit-upload) of Microsoft Office and PDF documents using kiteworks mobile apps.
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting to limit which content sources are accessible via kiteworks web or mobile app.
  • Single universal UI across ECMs and cloud content services for increased productivity.
  • Integration with enterprise security infrastructure including corporate LDAP/Active Directory for user authentication and SSO (SAML and Kerberos).  Two-factor authentication is also supported.
  • Increased data security through honoring of existing ECM security settings, user roles, and access control list (ACL).
  • IP address restriction configurable by IT to limit from where users can access content sources.